Bens Bucks

BEN’S BUCKS – Our Campus Currency

Ben’s Bucks is a prepaid spending account on your Franklin & Marshall ID Card offering a convenient and secure way to make purchases on and around campus, designed to eliminate the need to carry cash or other cards.  You or your parents must make a deposit to Ben’s Bucks before using it for purchases.  To learn more about how Ben’s Bucks works, click here.

Benefits of Ben’s Bucks

  • Accepted – Welcomed at the places you need and want to go on and off campus.
  • Convenient – Make purchases with the ID card you already carry.  No need to carry cash, exact change, or debit/credit cards.
  • Prepaid – Only spend what you have.  No costs, interest or fees to add value or use the account. Your account balance is immediately adjusted as you use your card.
  • Easy to Add Value – Add funds to your account online with a debit/credit card, by mail with a check, or in-person at the Auxiliary Services Cashier Window using cash or a check!
  • 24/7 Account Access – Add value, view transaction history, establish a guest user account, auto reload schedule, and more!  Once registered, you are in total control of your account 24/7 online or on your mobile device!
  • Guest User Account Access – Allow another individual, usually a parent, to access your Ben’s Bucks account enabling them to add value more easily to your account.
  • Auto Reload Options – Create a schedule to automatically add value to your account – you determine the dollar amount and frequency – a great budgeting tool for students and parents!
  • Safe & Secure – If you lose your Franklin & Marshall ID Card, you can suspend your account and have the value transferred to a new Card.
  • Carries Over – Unlike most meal plans, Ben’s Bucks carry over every semester and year for as long as you are a member of the Franklin & Marshall community.
  • Refundable– The fund balance remains yours and can be refunded at graduation or when you leave F&M, see refund process below.